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You've got the visual effects skills.
What about a vfx job?

This industry-standard e-book will teach you all the secrets to transforming your talents into a viable on-going vfx career, working on this year's biggest Summer blockbusters.

The sure-fire way to break into the vfx industry

Get the edge on your competition...

Learn the secret tips tricks that all the veteran vfx industry experts use. For example:

Cutting the killer vfx show-reel

Cutting The Killer Show-Reel

Several simple rules ensuring your all-important reel impresses exactly like you need it to.


The Magic VFX Pre-Job Checklist

A full list of all the things you never thought visual effects employers would be expecting.


Nailing Job Interviews VFX-style

Learn how to stand out from the crowd, and slam your vfx first impressions home.


The Ultimate 7-Step Recruiter Strategy

It's deadly, but this proactive plan can work like a charm for vfx freelancers, every time!

Works regardless of your skill-set

The book won't teach you how to be a better artist, just how to get a job being one.

Whether you're an animator, compositor, lighter, into matte-painting, production, editorial, or a total IT/research & development geek, we've got you covered. Whatever your vfx career path, the book will equip you with the right practical knowledge freelancers have been using to get their feet in the door for years.

And if you don't know what you want yet? We've got you covered too! Countless beginners have landed their first jobs in the industry by following this guide's advice, listing several possible career-trajectories, and what you might need to start with to get there.

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What our readers have said

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The hardest part in the beginning was landing that big break. I knew what I was doing with the software, but had no clue about the business side of the industry. This book is gold for that - even now years later I still refer back to it between gigs.

Compositor - London

I started out as a runner after following your advice. Now, 12 months later, I've already moved up, working on real shots on my second major movie. I can't believe the strategies worked as well as they did. Thank you - you took away so much of the heavy lifting.

Junior Lighter - Vancouver

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Frequently Asked Questions
What format is the digital edition?

To save on compatibility issues, the instant download contains the book in three popular formats - .MOBI (Kindle), EPUB (iBooks), and regular ol' PDF.

So, will this book actually work and help get me a vfx job?

Absolutely. If you put in the hours, work on your craft, and follow the book's advice, there's no reason why you can't join the others who have already found kick-ass positions in the visual effects industry after reading it.

Say I only want the book now. Can I upgrade to package later?

Sure you can. It'll probably take a bit of time to let the info soak in and get your material together anyway. Once you're ready, shoot us an email and we'll sort out an package-upgrade for you.

What payment types do you accept?

We accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover, or via Paypal. If you'd prefer using Bitcoin (BTC), let us know which package you want and we'll hook you up with a QR.

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