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So... you want to find a job working as a visual effects artist on Hollywood films?

There seem to be a million different sites and forums out there telling you how to learn visual effects skills & software and create stunning movie imagery, but where is all the info out there on how to actually break into the industry and find vfx jobs once you've developed your skills?

Everything you need to know is right here.

I've worked as a visual effects artist for many years, working on some of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters (including many award winners), and I've decided to break my silence and share the best vfx job-hunting secrets and methods.

In the new book, "How To Get That Visual Effects Job" I've compiled a comprehensive list of all the vfx-specific tips, tricks and secrets used by Compositors, Animators, Modellers, Lighters, Matte-Painters, Production Assistants and Runners to successfully land their big break and find gainful employment and dream jobs in the film industry, working in Visual Effects.

Some of the many trade secrets revealed in the book include :

- Your VFX Pre-Job Checklist
   All the things you never thought they'd be expecting!

- Cutting The Killer Showreel

- Location Is Everything
   Learning how to pick the right city for visual effects jobs

- Interviewing, VFX-style

- A great collection of visual effects links, resources, tutorials and self-profiling websites

- What VFX employers are really looking for

PLUS as well as plenty of additional tips, tricks and secrets specific to vfx jobs, I've included an exclusive bonus unique to this book:

The Ultimate 7-Step Proactive Recruitment Strategy

This is the real deal, outlining for you a precise, exact plan for wooing and conquering any visual effects company's Human Resources or Recruitment department and landing amazing vfx jobs....
                                       ...and it really works.

This unique 85-page ebook is not skill-specific, and is suitable for anyone looking for all types of vfx jobs, including :

... whatever your visual effects flavor, this book will land you your big break!

So don't put it off any longer : start your visual effects career today!
Order Your Copy Now!

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About The Author:
Demis Lyall-Wilson is a writer and veteran feature-film compositor based in London, UK. Some of his recent film credits include visual effects epics such as "Thor : The Dark World", "The Great Gatsby", "Captain America : The First Avenger", and the VFX Academy Award nominated film "Prometheus".
Technical Specs:
Upon purchase, this ebook will be made available for instant download immediately, distributed as both PDF and EPUB formats.
If you have any trouble at all downloading or opening the files, please contact us right away. Thanks for not pirating the book : we're all starving vfx artists here!
About This Edition:
85 Pages - EPUB/PDF
English only. Cover-art may vary
The 2011 Edition of "How To Get That Visual Effects Job" was brought as up to date as possible, though if you spot anything you feel we should try to amend in the next version, please let us know.

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